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Spring Rings

Disc spring

Spring rings include the wire rings and snap rings. Unlike other springs focused on storing and releasing energy, they may be just used to keep a ring that can be opened or retained in many applications.

Wire Rings

The basic design of wire rings include two coils although there can be more if necessary. Unlike other types of rings, this design does not necessarily have to form a full or complete coil. A good example of this spring design is a common key ring.

These springs are used in the production of different types of jewelry. It's possible to open the clasp and then close it once the necklace or chain is around the neck. The same idea applies to the springs used on lengths of chains used in towing equipment and various types of production machinery.

Snap Rings

Snap rings are commonly referred to as "retaining rings". The snap rings can be provide shoulders to locate or retain parts on shafts or in cylinders. Depending on the application, snap rings can be used externally or internally. The retaining rings are uesed for transmission, bearing, valve, gauge, appliance, and general industrial applications.

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