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Power Springs

Power Springs

Also known as clock springs, power springs are considered the oldest form of flat springs in the world, they could provide a near constant torque in a relatively confined space. They are ideally suited to applications such as seat belt webbing retraction, tape measure retraction, retracting dog leads, seat recliner mechanism and window recliners.

The springs are produced by winding the spring material onto an arbor, which consist of a hook profile that is secured to a housing and a second profile that secured to an arbor. The arbor is generally an integrated into the webbing/cable spool of the application. The arbor typically rotates winding up the spring whilst the webbing or tape of the device is extracted, when the tape is released the spring relaxes and pulls the webbing back to its rest position.

Generally the springs are supplied fitted inside the customers housing, when this is not practical then the springs can be supplied in a retaining ring for customers own assembly or it may be possible to supply the raw springs for the customers own assembly. It is also possible to pre tension the springs subject to a suitable design, this enables the springs to retract the webbing on the customer's assembly line and may simplify the end product assembly process.

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